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Cutting Techniques For Chef Knives: Cutting According To Ingredients

21 Jul 2022

Master Your Cutting Skills with Our Guide to Knives & Cutting Techniques. Discover the Best Method for Cutting Ingredients & Achieving Perfect Results Every Time. Shop Our Selection of Top-Quality Chef Knives Today!

Cutting Techniques for Every Ingredient and Purpose: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to take your cooking skills to the next level? One of the most important factors in producing top-notch dishes is having the right cutting techniques. In this guide, we'll cover the two main cutting methods, "push cut" and "pull cut", and help you determine the best approach for different ingredients and purposes.


For ingredients with hard fibers like root vegetables and leafy greens, the push cut technique is ideal. Using the weight of the knife, push it forward with force from the cutting edge to the edge. To achieve fine cuts, continually lower the blade from the top as you push cut. This method is also recommended for cutting meat with bones or hard lumps. Western knives are typically well-suited for push cutting.

「Pull Cut」

The pull cut technique involves using the entire blade to slide and cut. This approach allows for a sharper angle and a more beautifully finished cutting surface. When cutting soft-bodied foods like fish or sashimi, a pull cut will minimize damage to the tissue and highlight the beauty of the cut surface. Japanese knives, such as sashimi knives, are well-suited for pull cutting due to their long blade edges.

「Peeling & Detailed Work」

For delicate tasks like peeling or intricate ingredient work, hold the handle of the knife firmly and use the corners of the blade edge, supported by your thumb, forefinger, or middle finger. A small knife like a petty knife is a great choice for these tasks at home.

In conclusion, having the right cutting techniques and tools can make a big difference in your cooking. We hope this guide has provided you with useful information to enhance your daily cooking experience. Shop our selection of top-quality chef knives today!

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